Cooler rooms under hot sun because of the endothermic properties.
The roof coating is available in any color.

  •   reduces thermal stresses
  •   flexible and material bridging
  •   crack filling and covers cracks
  •   thermally snugly in the summer
  •   resistant to acids, alkalis, ozone, nitrogen and sulfur oxide
  •   reduces cracking (expansion/shrinkage cracks)
  •   is very colour fast in more than 100,000 shades
  •   is energy saving

As a primer of metal surfaces we recommend our RustPrimer and ZinkPrimer for non-ferrous metals such as zinc, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper and alumminium.

Additional products
anti-corrosion primer
Adhesion product

High-tech roof coating without tendency to become brittle

New roofing is usually up to 60% more expensive! The desire of many property owners to have a roof that looks as new and which remains sealed with a professional roof coating for many years is fullfilled with ClimateActivePaint ThermoActive.

High quality raw materials give the ClimateActivePaint coating a high elasticity in the temperature range from -40°C to +150°C. The excellent flexible ThermoActive allows an easy bridging of material transitions. Sunlight reflection, deflection of the heat radiation and evaporation enthalpy work together as a free "air conditioning". In such way a clear drop in room temperatures is possible in the summer months. Cool roofs enable energy saving and environmental care within an urban area to clients, architects, engineers, energy consultants and political policy makers.

The cooling ClimateActivePaint ThermoActive roof coating can be used on many types of roofs, such as dwellings, industry, office buildings, hospitals, etc.

The benefits of cooling rooftop products can be summarized as follows:

For employers

  •   reduces cooling costs for indoor
  •   reduces thermal stresses and thus a potential lifetime extension of the
    roof system
  •   improves the thermal building comfort
  •   reduces operational and maintenance costs

For the political policy makers

  •   ClimateActivePaint offers, because of the reduction of the cooling energy
    for indoor and thus a lower greenhouse effect, a positive impact on the
  •   ClimateActivePaint offers the reduction of the "Urban Heat-Islands" phenomenon



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