A specially developed facade coating, which both protects the historic buildings as well as contributes to a better energy balance.

  •   run off smoothly to a balanced humidity moisture content
  •   reduces the formation of algae, moss, fungus and pollution
  •   reduces moisture caused by cracks (due to expansion and contraction)
  •   robust against acids, alkalis, ozone, nitrogen and sulfur oxide
  •   long lasting UV and wheatering resistant
  •   very colour fast in more than 100,000 shades
  •   dries mat
  •   improves the moisture balance

ClimateActivePaint History is the specific development of ClimateActivePaint ThermoProtect, with the extra, by monumental buildings required properties!

Modern monument protection with our facade coating ClimateActivePaint History!

Virtually every mineral substrate at old buildings is charged by water and salt. It explains the cry for an optimal capillary and vapour permeable coating which absolutely prevents the build up of salt and fluid and, in addition, all harmful environmental influences. The most active dehumidifying mechanism is capillary drying, where water and salt are transported from the inside to the outer wall surface. Vapour permeable paints enable indeed the evaporation of moisture, but also allow the penetration of moisture from the outside. Waterproof coatings prevent moisture from the outside, but prevent capillary moisture transport from the inside.

As a leading manufacturer of surface coatings with endothermic properties we know the special entitlements in the monumental maintenance and the biggest problems which play.

And right here we offer our solution "ClimateActivePaint History"!
ClimateActivePaint History is capillary- and variable vapour permeable and supports the water and salt transport from the inside out. The endothermic membrane of ThermoShield History creates a problem-free dehumidification to a balanced building moisture content and prevents new moisture supply while acting as a hygric diode. Algae, moss and fungus do not find any breeding ground. ThermoShield History treated facades are preserved for many years and keep their valuable optical appearance.

ClimateActivePaint History has an extreme resistance to smog, ozone, acid rain, acids and salts, which has been shown in direct comparisons in various laboratory tests as well as in countless decades of practice situations.



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