Very robust and durable
High-tech coating for timber construction parts in outdoor application.

Primer for Woodfinish

A thoroughbred wood preservation

ClimateActivePaint Nature is a high-tech coating for all non-movable timber on external applications. It consists of millions of microscopically small ceramic vacumized bubbles, which are embedded together with activators, evenly in a polyacrylate dispersion.

No other material unites with a view to versatility, appearance, functionality, emotion, ecology and quality of life more benefits like wood. Wood is the oldest and most natural building material that exists. That’s why wood – in our high-tech world - experiences a rebirth again. But precisely because wood is so vivid, it reacts in outdoor applications sensitive on weather influences such as moisture, UV radiation, air load as well as mold, rot and insects. That is why wood requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty and function on a long term. With our products you can be assured that you offer your wood the ultimate.

Decades of experience, innovative power and carefully coordinated, high-quality materials, strict quality management and long-term practice tests lay the foundation for this.

Perfect protection for your wood for a very long time

Because of the high volume of ceramic bubbles our Nature-coatings are extremely robust. Smog, acids, salts, ozone and UV rays have practically no grip on it.

Nature is an opaque coating and NatureLasur a thick semi-transparent coating. Both products are intended for limited dimensionally stable wood building parts such as groove and knife - and rabat parts, timber framing, window frames and for non-movable parts such as balcony railings, pergolas and fences. The use of high-quality raw materials gives permanent elasticity and excellent adhesion. This is -depending on the surface – further optimized through the use of NaturePrimer. The interaction of adhesion, elasticity and extreme resistance, in combination with the reduction of the expansion and shrinkage behavior, slow down the aging process of the wood in an ideal manner.

Nature & NatureLasur

  •   long-lasting UV- and weather resistant
  •   resistant to acids, alkalis, ozone, nitrogen and sulfur oxide
  •   carries excess fluid gradually to a balanced moisture content
  •   reduces the formation of algae, moss, fungus and pollution
  •   reduces cracking (expansion/shrinkage cracks)
  •   very colour fast in more than 100,000 shadesn
  •   easy to apply for the craftsman

As primer we recommend ClimateActivePaint NaturePrimer.



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