No chance for mold!
ThermoVital reduces the risk of mold without danger of fungicidal additives.

  •   reduces the risk of mould formation
  •   variable vapor-open
  •   moisturizes
  •   reduces the negative effects of thermal bridges
  •   improves the interior hygiene
  •   works thermal snugly
  •   contains no harmful or allergy-stimulating substances
  •   is free of antifungal additions

ThermoVital is the specific development of ClimateActivePaint ThermoPlus,
with the additional required properties for the interior hygiene!

Sansosil 003
Sansosil 010

One-two-three ... mold-free!

Keep control over fungus with the ThermoVital system!

Why fungi are so dangerous:
Mildew stains on the wall not only look ugly, they are especially a health hazard. Already small amounts of mold spores can trigger allergic reactions, larger quantities can damage organisms.To be able to grow fungi need food and moisture. Since buildings offer nutrients in good or less good shape, moisture becomes extremely decisive. The temperature and pH-value play a smaller role, since fungi may grow in a very wide temperature and pH range.

We always go to work systematically with mold:



1. Sanosil 003 Mold-Remover:
treatment of the visible mold cultures

Sanosil 003 has to be sprayed on the visible discoloured spots. The impact time amounts to app. 25 to 30 minutes.

2. Sanosil 010 Spores-Remover:
treatment of the air and the secondary pollution

Sanosil 010 is sprayed in the room. The furniture remains in space, to deactivate the associated spores. The processing time is app. 120 minutes. Depending on the pollution, any possible decontaminated wall coverings have to be removed and step 1 has to be repeated.

3. ThermoVital Interior Coating:
a toxic free, long-lasting effect to prevent mold

In order to prevent the emergence of mold permanently, rooms are painted with ThermoVital. ThermoVital consists of millions of microscopically small ceramic bubbles, high-quality acrylic polymers, pigments and synchronized activators, which create a moisture-regulating membrane after applying, a so-called hygric diode. This unique membrane regulates the humidity, is variable vapour permeable and supports the capillary moisture transport from the wall (and ceiling). The walls are drier and offer no chances to fungi. Sufficient ventilation however remains important! ThermoVital is to be applied in two layers and the drying time between the each layer is app. 6 hours.



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