The glossy appearance to the building.

ClimateActivePaint GlossPlus is a colourless, aqueous protection for ClimateActivePaint coatings with UV-blocker for outdoor applications. Glossplus improves the cleaning capabilities of ClimateActivePaint coatings and increases the mechanical resistance.



simple application

GlossPlus is ready for use and undiluted. The application can be done with brush, roller or spray.


The drying time for a second layer of GlossPlus is app. 4-5 hours (20°C/60% relative humidity). GlossPlus welds by natural UV radiation (daylight) and obtains sufficient resistance after several days, depending on layer thickness and climatic conditions.

processing temperature

Do not apply GlossPlus below 5°C.

cleaning tools

Brushes, rollers and spray equipment are to be cleaned immediately after use, rinse thoroughly with water.



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