We serve designers and architects who are still interested in the details of their work. The more than 100,000 colours always fit in somewhere, but there are other benefits as well: saving energy, a higher comfort and optical appearance. When you offer these additional benefits to your customers, you will be heared for sure, because what does the competition comment on the issue 'paint’ different from that they are ‘available in many colors’?

We walk into the future together and we are interested in your projects. We like to be either on the victory podium together with you or in a closed meeting. … because our paints have to prove what they are supposed to be able to. The latest ClimateActivePaint generation guarantees the functionality of the thermoceramic membrane technology, with all its benefits, over a long period.

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Joint successful!

  •   energy saving in new and existing construction
  •   prevent moss and algae on the facades
  •   solve moisture problems
  •   tear remediation
  •   value retention of the building
  •   mold prevention
  •   improvement of the interior climate
  •   hygiene improving for allergic persons
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