Application possibilities





Regulating the room climate

The ClimateActivePaint Products for inside are designed in such way, that the relative humidity is app. 55% which is ideal for human beings. The higher humidity during the summer months utilizes the ThermoShield membrane and the evaporation gives coolness - a free of charge air conditioning under subtropical circumstances.

Ideal surface treatment

The "ideal temperature" is reached when one does not perceive it - not too hot and not too cold - to the head and the feet. The ceramic structure of the wall paint ensures that, during the cold months, such as in a tiled stove, the heat irradiates the space.

Even heat distribution - faster warm

Due to the rapid distribution of energy over the entire wall and a cozy radiation over a large area the comfort factor is increased. Because of this high temperature differences in the room are significantly reduced. A hot head and cold feet when cranked heating belong to the past - and with it the so-called "convection cold".

Mold prevention

Because of the better heat distribution on the wall cold bridges and condensation on the walls and consequently mold are clearly reduced.

Also excellent for people with an allergy

ClimateActivePaint ThermoPlus is particularly well suited for people with allergic and asthmatic disorders, since there is no allergy-stimulating release of chemicals. There is also no air load in the room since the paint is free of emissions and only water is used as a solvent. The typical smell during renovation disappears very quickly. The pure, healthy humidified air facilitates breathing. Convection currents, which could raise dust, are reduced.




Permanent protection/dehumidification

ClimateActivePaint ThermoProtect gives the underlying wall enough air to breathe. After application an endothermal membrane is created, which acts as a hygric diode and sucks moisture from the facade based on its capillary structure.

Lower energy consumption

Dry walls insulate better than damp walls. The permanent capillary structure ensures that moisture is sucked out of the wall. This feature makes our products especially suitable for renovation of old buildings. In addition, temperature variations will be settled efficiently, and the fassade is protected against thermal stresses.

Optical stability even after years

The danger of fine hairline cracks humidifying a facade and thus promote the development of algae and mosses, is clearly reduced by the excellent robustness of the paint layer.
Without cracks no moisture from outside gets in and therefore no algae and moss. Moreover ClimateActivePaint reduces the electrostatic charge of the facade and reduces the formation of dirt particles.

Groundbreaking in monument protection

ClimateActivePaint History fulfills the demand of monumental buildings for an optimal capillary and vapour permeable paint, which prevents a buildup of salt and fluid and is resistant to all contemporary climate influences.

Natural wood

ClimateActivePaint Nature is a high-tech coating for all non-movable timber on external applications. The interplay of adhesion, elasticity and extreme (UV) resistance, in connection with reduction of expansion and contraction, slows the aging process of the wood in an ideal manner.

Industrial application

We have the solution for your problem. Goods made to measure create many application possibilities.



Good climate in office equipment

IndustrySpecial finishings can make a positive contribution. While working and during breaks the stay at pleasant air-conditioned office units offers relaxation for the attendees. At any time of the year – in winter, no overly harsh cold and in summer a pleasant interior climate despite high outside temperatures.

Reliability around the railroad track

Switch and relay cabinets with sensitive technique which are used outside are subject to extremely high temperatures in summer. With the use of IndustrySpecial they are protected, the temperatures in the cabinets drop and reliable functioning is guaranteed.

Good indoor temperature in mobile shelters

In order to be able to withstand fluctuations in all geographic regions, canvas is treated with IndustrySpecial. On such an easy way, pleasant temperatures are achieved inside the tent both in summer and in winter.

IndustrySpecial Acoustic sets the right tone

Resonance in a room comes on several reflection surfaces such as floor, ceiling and walls. This causes sound reflections and reverberation. In order to be able to understand the spoken words clearly, acoustic sounds have to fall silent as soon as possible. The treatment of special acoustic elements for wall and ceiling with ClimateActivePaint IndustrySpecial Acoustic helps the interior acoustics. The exclusive application on ceiling tiles has already been issued worldwide.

Minimize inventory losses

IndustrySpecial SILOTANK prevents temperature fluctuations. The usual overpressure of the tank capacity, accompanied by material losses, is avoided.